Friday, June 18, 2010

Favorite Starz TV Series

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OK Sure, all my friends call me a TV addict, but there are a few series out there that people should not miss. Of course you have to like a little warped sense of humor.

My newest jewel I have found is Starz on Demand on Netflix. Who knew they had such great shows!!

1. Head Case - I got totally addicted to this crazy show about a therapist to the stars. Dr. Goode is so outrageous I could not stop watching! The cast really starts to develop and they stop the show! No matter what, it's worth watching every episode you can!
Head Case: Season 1
2. Party Down - looks like I'm a little late for the party, but this show just gets better and better! I was worried when Jane Lynch left (I'm sure when Glee totally took off), but Megan Mullally is beyond hysterical as always. Don't miss this party!
Party Down: Season 2
3. Gravity - when I saw in the preview that the main character intentionally drove off a cliff only to land in the pool of a gay cruise ship, I knew I would like this show. They take the serious topic of suicide and make it lighthearted and yet you don't feel like they are respectful in a kind of crazy way. Worth checking out.
Gravity: Season 1
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