Friday, June 25, 2010

RIP Michael Jackson

We still miss you Michael Jackson!
You will always be the most talented of all time.
You are the one and only King of Pop.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kittens Solve The Vuvuzela World Cup Controversy in 1 Minute.

How come I'm not creative enough to make a video like this. So cute!

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At the Bar with Roger Federer

At the Bar with Roger Federer Roger Federer

Hilarious video by Jimmy Fallon. How many times can Roger remind us how perfect he is! Glad Jimmy's writers have noticed too!
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Friday, June 18, 2010

Wimbledon Already?

Logo of Wimbledon ChampionshipImage via Wikipedia

We haven't had enough time to celebrate Rafa's big win at Rolland Garros and it's already time for Wimbledon to start! I know that grass is supposedly that other guy's favorite surface, but hopefully Rafa will stay healthy and do it again. Bring on the grass!!
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Favorite Starz TV Series

Image representing Netflix as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBase

OK Sure, all my friends call me a TV addict, but there are a few series out there that people should not miss. Of course you have to like a little warped sense of humor.

My newest jewel I have found is Starz on Demand on Netflix. Who knew they had such great shows!!

1. Head Case - I got totally addicted to this crazy show about a therapist to the stars. Dr. Goode is so outrageous I could not stop watching! The cast really starts to develop and they stop the show! No matter what, it's worth watching every episode you can!
Head Case: Season 1
2. Party Down - looks like I'm a little late for the party, but this show just gets better and better! I was worried when Jane Lynch left (I'm sure when Glee totally took off), but Megan Mullally is beyond hysterical as always. Don't miss this party!
Party Down: Season 2
3. Gravity - when I saw in the preview that the main character intentionally drove off a cliff only to land in the pool of a gay cruise ship, I knew I would like this show. They take the serious topic of suicide and make it lighthearted and yet you don't feel like they are respectful in a kind of crazy way. Worth checking out.
Gravity: Season 1
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Update on 2009 Oscars

Cover of "Wall-E (Single-Disc Edition)"Cover of Wall-E (Single-Disc Edition)

I've now watched:
3. Milk
9. The Wrester
10. Gran Torino
11. The Reader
13. The Changeling
14. Vicki Christina Barcelona
20. Nothing But the Truth

Can't believe I still haven't watched Wall-E!

Vicki Christina Barcelona
The Wrestler
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